India, Turning the Page: Prospects & Paradoxes

In the brightest and most challenging phases of India’s recent history, we’ve seen a continual tension between two views. On the one hand, there are those who believe that the next wave will be the best one yet, and that no nation on this planet, with its endless possibilities, is positioned for quite the success this nation is. There are others who promote the growing skepticism in global attitudes, lagging human development indicators, and believe India is an economy that consistently over promises. In the middle, we see the vast and dynamic spectrum of political, economic and social attitudes, puzzled yet enticed by the enigma that is the Indian millennial story. Somewhere between the game-changing activism and still sub-par growth, between the industries posting gross performance beyond compare and those driving the rupee to an all-time low, between what was perhaps an overconfident idealism 10 years ago and an unwarranted current cynicism…India is at an indelible inflection point.

This February, students from Harvard University and a host of global luminaries gather to embrace this inflection point and the undeniable potential it holds within it. What should we be striving towards doing forward? What will be our biggest hurdles, and what are the paradoxes we must reconcile to beat them? The India Conference at Harvard, India Turning the Page: Prospects and Paradoxes, brings together business leaders, entertainment professionals, government officials, philanthropists, and many others to engage with their strands of the colorful and critical Indian narrative across different fields. We seek to go above and beyond, as we explore complexity, controversy, vision and reality as they’ve never been confronted before.